Building the High End Neon Artist's Web Presence through Ecommerce


J1 Mockup

J1 Arts

Ecommerce Site
May 2021 - July 2021
Turning On the Neon
J1 Vision LLC is a high-end neon artist who wanted to grow his potential output using internet sales. He had never managed a website, only selling his pieces in person, so I eased him in using a managed e-commerce experience.
My Contributions
I owned this project, taking the client from concept to completion. I used 'A/B testing' to perfect the rebranding and design, before developing the product using the service BigCartel. In addition, I facilitated the artist on utilizing their new site.
To start, I made a list of everything the client wanted, regardless of the practicality. Organizing the list, I found out what J1 needed which influenced the project's scope.
J1 Arts Ecommerce Solutions
I scoped a simple CMS with cheap monthly upkeep to fit the client's requirements, which turned out to be BigCartel. Here are some of the options I considered while making this choice.
Big Cartel
  • Within Client's Budget
  • Custom Code (HTML, CSS, Ruby-on-Rails)
  • Easy to use CMS for adding Artwork
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Out of Client's Budget
  • Easy to Edit
  • Lots of Simple Design Solutions
  • Not Inherently for Ecommerce
Big Commerce
  • Intermediate CMS
  • Expensive
  • Made for Physical Retail Shops
  • Fully Customizable
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Most Expensive
  • Ridgid Themes
  • Ecommerce-First Solution
  • Cheapest Solution
  • Most Popular Solution (Good Tutorials/Plugins)
  • Expensive to Upkeep
  • Easy for Client to Use
Data Input for Everyone
Ecommerce Solution Research
Building a Structure
Information Architecture
During our preliminary interview, I asked the client to categorize their artwork how they would like it on the site. While this didn't end up being the final layout, it helped start a conversation about what his audience usually bought from him. I constructed a sitemap to guide subsequent development. I used Miller's Law, which states that people can keep 5-9 items in their minds at a time, to limit the menu choices to less than 7 per page.
  • Types of Artwork Ranked By Importance
  • Logos
    Glow Box Paintings
  • Murals
  • Stickers
Sitemap for the J1 Ecommerce website
Logo Redesign
Branding the Client
User Interface Design
Since I was working with an artist, I was lucky to have a preliminary logo to base my style guide off. Even so, I felt like the logo didn't fully capture the essence of J1's art style. As shown above, I updated the logo with my favorite vector program to pop with neon.

This saved a vast amount of conceptualization and iteration, allowing me to quickly A/B test brand elements with the client. I find that giving the client two options can help them decide based on comparison, where three or more options can obscure the client's desires.
  • Home Page (Mobile)
A/B Home Page Design
  • Products Page
A/b Product Page Design
These mockups allowed me to create the style guide shown below. I used this to build the site directly using BigCartel. While I usually perform wireframes and mockups, the client's time constraints dictated a more streamlined approach.
The J1 homepage
Customer Satisfaction
User Flow for Shipping
After launching the client's website, it was imperative that he understood how his audience would get the artwork. I had to consider the client's perspective from buyer checkout to delivery. The easiest way to show this off was a simple User Flow, which is laid out below.

BigCartel and J1

I had to answer a few questions in this user flow for J1 to optimize his business and focus on making art.

  • How does the user buy a piece?
  • How does J1 get notified that a piece is bought?
  • How does J1 get paid for a piece?
  • How does J1 ship the piece?

Some pain points I ran into:

  • How does the customer know their piece is on it's way?
  • Where should shipping be calculated?
  • How should the customer's address be securely communicated?
customer user flow for j1 arts

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